Our Work

Roberts Iron Works specializes in hand crafted custom metal work. Our scrollwork is hand wrought, Forged by our craftsman on anvils using hammers.
We do not use mass produces machine made scrolls from Asia. We are equally adept in working not only with the steel but also with copper and brass.
We can work with your designs, using pictures, drawings and blueprints, Our in houses designers can, collaborate with you on designs for one piece or an entire line.
We also have many pieces that we build that are based on our own original works.
Our customers are architects, retail stores and interior and landscape designers.

We can work not only in hand wrought material but also in brass, bronze and aluminum castings as well as metal spinning.
We have a C23 California ornamental Iron Contractor license
Our standard finishes include custom painting, powder coating, zinc metallization rust prevention and plating.